Steel Ground Mounts for
     Large Scale Solar Arrays

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Attala Steel Industries, serving the solar industry since 2008, produces specialty structural steel products for utility-scale, ground-mounted PV installations. We sell direct from our steel mill and fabrication facility in Mississippi, offering our customers high quality, low cost materials, rapid response and on-time delivery. Attala Steel’s scrap and recycling division, based also in Mississippi, complements the company’s commitment to energy conservation and environmental protection.
Video of Our Plant Opening Ceremony.


Our specialty steel experience extends well beyond the PV construction and solar markets.  From 1985 to 2007, operating as Central Fabricating and Galvanizing, with Bryson Products, Inc. as its sales and marketing division, the company was a leading provider of highway safety products, including roll formed highway guardrail, fabricated steel posts and galvanized materials.  Qualified management and staff at our plant and sales offices bring longstanding industry expertise to both current and prospective customers.


Today, with our strong background in steel construction, fabricating and galvanizing, together with a proven leadership team and unparalleled customer service, Attala Steel Industries is well equipped to serve the fast-growing solar energy industry.